Matthew Gordon

• Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA) Certification

• Owner/Operator of a farming facility in Eastern Shore MD

• Utility Patent owner of closed loop Aquaponics pod system


Phone: 443.669.9080

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Edwin Delgado

• Sold and managed over 1.5 MW of solar projects installed

   throughout the U.S. and Caribbean

• Founded non-profit focused on helping schools incorporate

   sustainability principles into their curriculum

• M.A. in Environmental Science/B.A. Finance and Economics


Phone: 443.000.0000

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1440 Snow Hill Road – Stockton, MD 21864

Buy Healthy and Local

We grow Microgreens, Lettuces and Vegetables – all onsite

1440 Snow Hill Road – Stockton, MD 21864

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In the market for better selection of organic foods? Please let us know.  We will consider adding a healthy option to our list for our locals .

Fresh Organic Controlled Environment Aquaculture


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