Aquaponics and Education

Aquaponics is the perfect teaching tool for core STEM subjects like Math, Biology, Chemistry and Engineering

Students can study fish, plants and bacteria interacting in a living ecosystem

Students can perform water quality tests and measure growth rates in fish and plants

Economics, Marketing and Nutrition are among the many other areas of study connected with aquaponics

Aquaponics Solution:


• Simply put, the plant to yield process is cut in half with these systems


• Crops can be staggered to ensure that a harvest is always happening


• In addition to the crops themselves, the Fish in the culture tank are also

   able to be continuously harvested


Tilapia, Trout, Shrimp, even Lobster can be grown in the system

Aquaponics Solution:


Water to Yield Ratio


• 78% – 94% water savings vs. Traditional farming practices
  (depending on crop mix)


• Our systems can be equipped with Atmospheric pure water
  generators to replenish tanks


• This system converts humidity in the air into water in order to replenish tank levels
  without using any municipal or well water   able to be continuously harvested

Why is Aquaponics Important?


Aquaponics is a vitally important way for us to grow food now and for our future generations



Aquaponics can grow a tremendous amount of food with a fraction of the water that is normally used in soil-based agriculture



Food can be grown directly in our communities, providing access to nutritious food, creating jobs and eliminating the huge carbon footprint associated with food transportation miles